• Jay Ogilvy

    Former Dean of Presidio Graduate School & Co-Founder of Global Business Network

    Jay Ogilvy cofounded Global Business Network in 1987, the world’s foremost consultancy for scenario planning. In 2009 he left GBN to become Dean of Presidio Graduate School, which offers an MBA in sustainable business practices. Now he is an independent consultant splitting his time between homes in Utah and New Hampshire, teaching in the San Francisco Bay Area, and consulting in Japan and the Americas.

    In the 1980s he served as Director of Research for the Values and Lifestyles (VALS) Program at SRI (formerly Stanford Research Institute). While at SRI, Jay also authored monographs on social, political, and demographic trends affecting the values of workers and consumers. His work on higher education includes several projects on the future of higher education in California, as well as published papers and speeches. Jay’s research and consulting experience revolves around scenario planning and the role human values play in purchase decisions and management. Jay’s work in future studies and values research builds on his background as a philosopher. He taught at the University of Texas, Williams College, and for seven years at Yale, where he received his Ph.D. in 1968. In addition to publishing dozens of essays, he is the author and editor of nine books including: Facing the Fold: Essays on Scenario Planning (Triarchy, 2011); Creating Better Futures: Scenario Planning as a Tool for a Better Tomorrow (Oxford University Press, 2002); and Many Dimensional Man (Oxford University Press, 1977; Harper & Row, 1980).


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