• Harriet Wakelam

    General Manager of Experience Design at Medibank

    Harriet Wakelam is fascinated by the intersection of people, change, product, and service to transform banks and other financial service institutions. Previously, she managed Customer Experience design at Australia Post, which examined new ways to deliver traditional services and building human centred design capability. Prior to that, she was at NAB at their state of the art Customer Experience Design Centre, involved in projects as diverse as evaluating the human experience of store designed to appeal to five senses, to a new approach to journey mapping.

    She is interested in the way people make sense of services, and how business value intersects with human need to create unique value propositions for both sides. She is motivated by curiosity, both her own and exciting it in others, working with cross-disciplinary teams to design, inform and influence customer experience design and development. She finds fascination in making complex things simple, in understanding behavior and making real, innovative experiences that make lives simpler, happier. Both internally and externally. She has lived from London to the remote Western Deserts of Australia. She is motivated by learning which has led her amongst other things to run a hip hop via video conference project between Sydney and Western Deserts Indigenous communities and redesign of ATM screens.