• Halina Brown

    Professor of Environmental Science & Policy at Clark University

    Halina Brown is a co-founder of Sustainable Consumption Research and Action Initiative, SCORAI, an international network of professionals working to address challenges at the interface of material consumption, human fulfillment, lifestyle satisfaction, and technological change. She is also a professor of Environmental Science and Policy at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts. Early in her career, Halina was the chief toxicologist and public health scientist at the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection. During the three decades at Clark University Halina studied and taught in different areas, including: health risk assessment and policy, corporate management of environmental and occupational health, international comparative environmental policy, and socio-technical transitions, with special interest in the built environment.

    She has worked in numerous countries of Europe and Asia. She has consulted for governments and the private sector, served on numerous committees of the National Academy of Science, and is a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and a Fellow of the International Society for Risk Analysis. She has authored several books, mostly recently Innovations in Sustainable Consumption. Halina would like to explore how the emerging collaborative economy can lead to reducing material consumption by changing our value system and helping us redefine good life.


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