• Gregory Miller

    Co-Founder & Chief Development Officer at OSET Foundation

    Gregory Miller is the Chief Development Officer for the U.S. based non-profit public benefit corporation, the Open Source Election Technology Foundation (OSET). He leads all aspects of the Foundation’s resource development, corporate partner alliances, public outreach, and government and legal affairs. OSET is a research, development and education organization focusing on innovation in electoral technology including verifiable, accurate, secure and transparent publicly owned elections technology primarily in the U.S. but with plans for global availability of its open source efforts.

    Miller has 30+ years of technical and business experience in development and commercialization of the Internet, dating back to the ARPANET and CSNET. Coming from the venture capital arena, Gregory originally co-founded the OSET Foundation in November 2006. He is a trained computer scientist, with graduate business education, and a law degree focused on intellectual property, technology law, and public policy. Greg’s technical background includes TCP/IP networking, user interface design, and object-oriented software development. Gregory is also active in the American Bar Association addressing technology law and public policy issues, including Cyberlaw, Information Privacy & Security, and Internet Governance. Greg is also a member of the Congressional Internet Caucus Advisory Committee, and a sustaining member of the Internet Society.


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