• George Polisner

    Technologist & Founder of alonovo.com

    George has spent the last several years of his career addressing highly-complex conceptual technological and economic challenges for government, large enterprise and society. Presently he is helping to implement the key technology supporting the Affordable Care Act and modernization initiatives for the State of Oregon as the Consulting Program Director at Oracle.

    In 2005 he founded alonovo.com, which provides a comprehensive information service to consumers with regard to the environmental, social responsibility and labor practices of the manufacturers and merchants they are considering within the scope of a purchase transaction. The concept creates market-demand affinity with companies that are evolving toward fairness and sustainable growth. Such demand affinity complements the SRI/Impact Investing segment by driving additional product/service demand -thus providing real economic incentives (additional revenue, profit and equity growth) for companies to behave in a more responsible manner. The service is undergoing a complete redesign at present with a small group of amazing volunteers. George also designed the Global Problem Management function for Dell which provided innovation by economically (ROI) prioritizing process and automation enhancements/fixes.


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