• E. David Ellington

    Founder & Executive Chairman of the Silicon Valley Blockchain Society

    E. David Ellington is Founder & Executive Chairman of the Silicon Valley Blockchain Society (SVBS). He is also the Co-Founder & President, GridSpeak Corporation. Founded in 2009, GridSpeak’s innovative proprietary technology, the GridSpeak Platform, provides visualization, situational intelligence and predictive analytics tools for ‘BIG DATA’. The platform is a comprehensive, web-based, Software as a Service (SaaS) which acts as an agent and execution platform providing market access to multiple industry financials. The platform provides real-time and historical information and analytical tools that convert data and information into market opportunities and risk mitigation.

    Mr Ellington is also Founder and Managing Partner of Emory Capital Group (ECG). ECG is a family vehicle that includes Emory Advisory Services (EAS), which provides advisory and representation services to internet entrepreneurs, start-ups, pre/post ICO companies, late stage companies, seed investors, venture capital and private equity firms; Emory Capital (EC), which does seed and early stage venture investing; and Emory Luxury (EL) which provides high-end luxury experiences. Partners include FutureLogic, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, Stephen Silver & Co., et al.

    Mr. Ellington is a former Trustee and Commissioner on the San Francisco Employees’ Retirement System (SFERS) Board (July 2002-January 2008). SFERS is the fifth largest pension fund in the State of California (No. 74 in the US). At that time, the SFERS Board had oversight of approxiamately US$20 Billion. Mr. Ellington was Board President, 2003-2004; Chair, Investments Committee, 2003-2004 (Alternatives), 2006-2007; member, Investments Committee, 2002-2008; Chair, Governance Committee, 2003-2006; member, Governance Committee, 2002-2008. and member, Finance Committee, 2005-2008. Mr. Ellington was first appointed to the Board by San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown and then re-appointed to a second term by succeeding Mayor Gavin Newsom.

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