• Doug Lenat

    CEO at Cycorp

    Dr. Lenat is a prolific author and pioneer in artificial intelligence whose research and entrepreneurial career has focused on applying large amounts of structured knowledge to information management tasks. As the head of Cycorp, Dr. Lenat leads groundbreaking research in software technologies, including the formalization of common sense, the semantic integration of—and efficient inference over—massive information sources, the use of explicit contexts to represent and reason with inconsistent knowledge, and the use of existing structured knowledge to guide and strengthen the results of automated information extraction from unstructured sources. Doug is applying these technologies commercially in the healthcare information and energy industries, and for the U.S. government in intelligence analysis and K-12 education.

    Previously, Lenat was a professor in Stanford University’s computer science department and the principal scientist at Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation. Doug was also one of the original fellows of the American Association for Artificial Intelligence, and the only individual to have served on both the Microsoft and Apple Scientific Advisory Boards. He is the recipient of the biannual International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence Computers and Thought Award. For over 20 years he has helped to organize the TTI Vanguard advanced technology conferences.

    Cycorp Leadership Team

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