• Donnie Fowler

    CEO, Tech for America

    Donnie Fowler has spent the last three decades working in the space between the innovation of Silicon Valley‎ and the cause of politics and public service. Fowler has worked in the Clinton White House, at the Federal Communications Commission, as vice president at Silicon Valley’s TechNet, and as a founder of two companies that cross the technology and public spaces. His firm, Dogpatch Strategies, and his partnerships with various companies center around business development and strategic communications for organizations that are leading innovators in their space and that often provide a public good. For example, he led Facebook’s first efforts into political campaigns during the 2006 congressional elections, organized California’s clean tech industry in its successful fight to protect the state’s clean energy law (known as AB32) during 2012’s Proposition 23 fight, and has an ongoing senior business development role with PredPol, a company founded in 2012 that provides crime prediction software to police in the United States and abroad.

    In politics, Fowler has worked at the state and national level on the presidential campaigns of Dick Gephardt, Jesse Jackson, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Wes Clark, John Kerry, and Barack Obama. He also worked as a Clinton White House staffer as a liaison to Congress for presidential appointments and as a presidential appointee at the Federal Communications Commission where he dealt with broadband Internet, cable television, and satellite issues.

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