• Debilyn Molineaux

    President of Coffee Party USA

    Debilyn Molineaux is a transformation partner. She is the member-elected President of Coffee Party USA, a grassroots organization whose motto is “Incite Civility and Reason” while educating and promoting civic engagement. As Managing Partner for Living Room Conversations, Debilyn coordinates project teams to engage co-hosts and collaborates with organizations to utilize Living Room Conversations. She works with Center for Transpartisan Leadership (Mediators Foundation), to coordinate events and training to promote solutions-oriented attitudes that lead to action.

    As an advisor to Ingenuity Innovation Center, Debilyn acts as facilitator and advisor to bring idealism into action in a new economy model. In addition to her various roles with these organizations and projects, she is a networker and bridge builder, connecting people with people, people with their passion and people with resources. Her true gift is helping visionaries and movements to ground ideas and improve activity. Her work also creates space for common ground to emerge, which is central to success.


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