• Dean Florez

    President & CEO of The Twenty Million Minds Foundation & former CA State Senator

    Dean Florez is President & CEO of The Michelson Twenty Million Minds Foundation (20MM) after 20 years of legislative policy making in the higher education field. As a past Assemblyman and Senator, Dean Florez was elevated to the position of Senate Majority Leader in November 2008, the Senate’s second most powerful position. During his tenure in the State Legislature, Dean Florez was an outspoken leader in the areas of clean air, higher education, policy, food safety, animal rights, government accountability and infrastructure financing and development. His emphasis during his tenure in the Legislature was overseeing high technology implementation and educational reform. Specifically, Dean Florez chaired the Senate Select Committee on Wireless Technology and Consumer Driven Programming and the Senate Governmental Organization Committee that oversaw major technology purchases and implementation.

    Prior to his election to the Legislature in 1998, Dean Florez worked in higher education policy as the Senate’s Chief consultant to the Senate Committee on University of California Admissions and staffed the California Joint Master Plan of Higher Education Review. Dean Florez is a past investment banker, having received his MBA from Harvard in 1993. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from UCLA where he also served as Student Body President. Dean Florez is dedicated to bringing higher education into the digital age through his work at 20MM. 20MM and its initiatives are made possible by the generous support of Dr. Gary Michelson and his wife, Alya Michelson.  


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