• David Witzel

    Chief of Conspiration at Hummingbird Labs

    We can and must have more social impact, cheaper, and faster. That is David’s mission. He is leveraged by his membership in Hummingbird Labs, a pre-competitive affiliation of global changemakers helping organizations apply the potential of open systems and ecosystems design to bring about large-scale social change. His background in technology dates to the early 1980’s and includes 14-years helping grow a Web media firm (Forum One) and programming PL/1 on an IBM 370 for the State of Texas.

    More recently he spent three years as head of the Innovation Exchange at Environmental Defense Fund where he demonstrated new partnership forms to catalyze rapid and widespread adoption of environmental innovation in business. David’s emphasis is on applying lessons learned from technology projects – open source, platforms, collaboration, community, agile, lean – to do more, faster for social impact. He is particularly interested in the potential for networks, ecosystems and pre-competitive collaboration to multiply impact. He is author of Designing Open Projects: Lessons From Internet Pioneers released by IBM Center for the Business of Government and co-wrote Citizen Voice in a Globalized World for the Center for Global Development.


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