• David desJardins

    Investor, Philanthropist & former Software Engineer at Google

    A mathematician and software engineer, David desJardins was among the first 20 employees at Google, where he worked from 1999 to 2005. He has degrees from MIT and the University of California at Berkeley. His dissertation involved the analysis of a mathematical game, with applications to information theory. Since leaving Google, desJardins continues to engage with mathematical research and has been a private investor, an active philanthropist, and a supporter of many progressive groups and organizations. David and his wife, Nancy Blachman, are founders of the Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival, a program of math education and enrichment for middle and high school students; desJardins is a trustee of the University of California Berkeley Foundation, and a member of the MIT Corporation. He has been a partner in the Democracy Alliance, an organization of political activists and donors, since 2005, and on its board since 2012.


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