• Dave Chen

    Founder & CEO of Equilibrium Capital Group

    David Chen, founder and CEO of Equilibrium Capital Group, is pursuing a pioneering investment thesis: The biggest trend shaping the global capital markets will be resource constraints driven by growth in developing countries and their growing middle classes. He rejects the notion of a tradeoff between social and environmental responsibility and market-beating returns. Rather, he sees sustainability itself is the driver of long-term value – “sustainable alpha.” These trends will reshape basic industries and natural resources and in particular core real assets sectors affecting basic human needs. If the 1980-90’s were the information age and the 2000’s were about global mobility and connectivity, the decades of he 2010s and 2020’s could be dubbed “Basic Needs 3.0.” Increasingly affluent and growing populations demand more land, energy, food, water and housing – Equilibrium’s primary investment sectors.


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