• Chris Kelly

    CEO of Organizer & former Chief Privacy Officer of Facebook

    Chris Kelly is a Silicon Valley attorney, investor and innovator with a long track record of representing innovative companies and making the Internet a safer place for kids and adults alike. As the first Chief Privacy Officer, General Counsel, and Head of Global Public Policy for Facebook, Chris helped the company grow from its college roots to the ubiquitous communications medium that it is today. Chris left Facebook in 2009 to seek the Democratic nomination for Attorney General of California, garnering 16 percent of the vote in a seven-way race, his first run for statewide office. Since then, he has become an active angel investor in companies seeking transformational improvements in technology, media, and finance and helped found Loyal3. Chris also serves on the Board of Directors for the San Francisco 49ers Academy, an alternative public middle school in East Palo Alto.


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