• Casey Fenton

    Co-Founder of Couchsurfing & Founder of Sovolve

    As Couchsurfing’s original founder and now as Founding Chairman of the Board, Casey Fenton focuses his energy primarily on engaging the community and guiding the organization’s progress towards achieving its vision of a better world. Couchsurfing is a network of welcoming people worldwide where members share their hospitality with travelers or stay at the home of a local to learn about their culture. Fenton believes that Couchsurfing is the vehicle by which people can go beyond their limits, breaking down the financial and psychological barriers that prevent them from exploring the world and learning about other people.

    Last year, Fenton founded Sovolve, a company dedicated to creating tools that accelerate social evolution. Their first product, Wonder, is an app that helps people know themselves, and others, better. Fenton is also a proud Ashoka fellow. Ashoka is the world’s largest network of social entrepreneurs, creating a world of change by building an Everyone A Changemaker society.

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