• Carson Linforth Bowley

    Co-Founder of Metapattern

    Carson Linforth Bowley is the founder of Metapattern, a nomadic design studio exploring the integration of life and work on the creative frontier.

    Metapattern’s creative process, known as Immersion, brings together multidisciplinary teams for innovation sprints tuned to maximize their collective intelligence. Through Immersion, Carson has helped companies from Nike to Google to invent dozens of new products. Immersion has also been adapted for in-field prototyping for social good in partnership with IDEO.org and the MIT Media Lab, with successful experiments in Tanzania, Rwanda and India.

    Carson is also a founder of The Emergent Collective, a global community of innovators working together to develop the tools, spaces and cultures of the next creative economy.

    Carson is an avid photographer and traveller living in Mill Valley, CA.

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