• Bruce Cahan

    Ashoka Fellow & Visiting Scholar at Stanford University

    Bruce Cahan is a Visiting Scholar at Stanford’s Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, and a CodeX Fellow at Stanford’s Center for Legal Informatics. As an Ashoka Fellow, Bruce is creating GoodBank™(IO), a prototype for high-transparency, impacts-aware commercial banking. He spent much of his career as a merchant banker and a municipal bond and corporate finance lawyer. After September 11, 2001’s World Trade Center Attacks, Bruce used his nonprofit Urban Logic’s geospatial technology knowledge to serve as an emergency responder stationed at the NYC Mayor’s Command Center. There, Bruce saw firsthand how much knowledge exists about urban conditions, but remains cloistered until a crisis erupts. Bruce realized that safe, “artificial” crises could be created through a credit ratings that reward sustainability and resiliency proactively.

    Based on his 9/11 experiences, Bruce decided to create a new type of banking, where regional quality of life measures would reward customers’ and business’ sustainable choices, and provide new options for the environmental, public health and other social sector programs implemented by nonprofits and social entrepreneurs. To share his designer reasons for sustainable banking outcomes, Bruce curated TEDxNewWallStreet x = an independently organized TED event, where 16 speakers re-imagined a “New Wall Street” in Silicon Valley safer, fairer, cheaper and more accountable.


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