• Brie Linkenhoker

    Director of Worldview Stanford at Stanford University

    Brie Linkenhoker is the director of Worldview Stanford, a new program at Stanford that creates interdisciplinary learning experiences about the forces shaping the future to help prepare leaders for the strategic challenges ahead. After training in neuroscience, she transitioned into strategy consulting with Global Business Network (GBN) and Monitor, where she applied what she had learned about decision making to real world problems faced by companies, national governments and non-profits. At GBN, Brie used scenario planning and game theory-based simulations to help her clients explore multiple possible futures.

    Brie returned to Stanford two years ago to start Worldview Stanford, which aims to move new knowledge from academia into the hands of decision-makers who need it most. Worldview Stanford’s learning experiences in 2015 will include The Science of Decision Making and Environmental Risk and Resilience, as well as a program under development focused on big data. Brie holds a PhD in Neuroscience and an MA in International Policy Studies from Stanford University, and a BA in Psychology from Transylvania University. She did her postdoctoral fellowship in neuroeconomics at Baylor College of Medicine.


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