• Brian Sager

    CEO of Omnity

    Brian Sager is a serial entrepreneur whose current venture is focused where ideation intersects informatics. Prior to this, he founded Nanosolar, a solar panel manufacturing company, where over ten years he served in roles including R&D strategy, product development, intellectual property management, corporate finance, government affairs, and sales. Under his direction, Nanosolar received more than $116 million in Federal and state support. Nanosolar has received more than $600 million in total funding.

    Previously he led a biotechnology practice at Ernst & Young where he advised on corporate finance issues, R&D portfolio management, M&A, and IP licensing. He also worked with GBN and Monitor on scenario planning projects in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. Sager has a Ph.D. in biochemistry from Stanford University where he was a NSF Fellow and was a Whitney Fellow at MIT and Harvard. He is also a composer of symphonic and electronic music, available on itunes. He has more than 120 patents issued or pending.


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