• Brewster Kahle

    Founder of the Internet Archive

    Brewster Kahle has been obsessed for the last 25 years with getting all the books in the world online and preserving all our online digital content in a universal library before we lose it forever. He’s the founder of the ambitious Internet Archive that tries to do just that, but he’s also an inventor and serial entrepreneur whose career has tracked the arc of the Internet. In 1989 Kahle invented the Internet’s first publishing system, WAIS (Wide Area Information Server) system and in 1989, founded WAIS Inc., a pioneering electronic publishing company that was sold to America Online in 1995. While pursuing the Internet Archive, he co-founded Alexa Internet which helps catalog the Web in April 1996, which was sold to Amazon.com in 1999. In 1983, Kahle helped start Thinking Machines, a parallel supercomputer maker, serving there as a lead engineer for six years. He serves on the boards of the Electronic Frontier


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