• Bobby Fishkin

    CEO, President & Co-Founder of Reframeit Inc

    Mr. Fishkin is the co-founder and CEO of Reframe It, Inc., a partner for systems innovation, research and development at the Center for Greater Good (http://centerforgreatergood.com/). Reframe It, Inc. was created after a four year project that Bobby Fishkin engaged in while at Yale, with the advise of Professor Harold Bloom, looking at what Tolstoy, George Eliot, Charles Darwin, e.e. cummings, C.S. Lewis, and thirty other great authors scribbled in their copies of Shakespeare. This project led him to realize that, for hundreds of years, as people have written in the margins of their books, they have used the position on the page to indicate what their annotations were referring to. Moreover, Coleridge and George Eliot’s marginalia was social.  Coleridge would receive books from royalty around Europe who wanted him to write in the margins of their books so that they could understand them.  George Eliot did so in dialogue with members of her family back and forth for dozens of years.

    Mr. Fishkin serves on the advisory board of Recipco (www.recipco.com). Mr. Fishkin also served as a Special Advisor to Tomorrow’s Europe, a project of the European Commission, and as a Special Advisor to the Center for Deliberative Democracy at Stanford University. He has also worked as a social entrepreneur, conceiving and developing two projects which have turned under-utilized excess capacity into valuable educational resources for under-served communities:  First, as a Fellow of the Richard Florida Creativity Group and Fellow of the Office of the Mayor of Baltimore, USA. Secondly, he also conceived and developed the Books for Teachers program, which has created more than one thousand classroom libraries for schools in the states of Connecticut, Hawaii, and Washington. Mr. Fishkin took a leadership role in co-creating the initial version of Haiti.com, a website which, in the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake, allowed volunteers around the world to more efficiently find actionable information about urgent needs on the ground, and then to communicate this information with first responders via Usahidi. Mr. Fishkin is also a playwright who has been produced in London at the Bloomsbury Theatre, Austin, Texas, and New York.


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