• Banning Garrett

    Adjunct Faculty at Singularity University

    Banning Garrett is an independent consultant with more than four decades of experience as a strategic thinker, writer, lecturer, program director, and entrepreneur. His is also adjunct faculty at Singularity University. Through May 2014, Garrett was Strategic Foresight Senior Fellow for Innovation and Global Trends at the Atlantic Council, where he worked for nine of the previous eleven years. He was Director of the Asia Program and founding director of the Council’s Strategic Foresight Initiative, and, beginning in 2006, established and led the Council’s cooperation with the National Intelligence Council (NIC) in production of the NIC’s unclassified, quadrennial long-term global trends assessments, including Global Trends 2025: A Transformed World (2008) and Global Trends 2030: Alternative Worlds (2012). He also created and led the Council’s program on the foreign policy implications of emerging technologies and its Urban World 2030 program. In addition, Garrett created and directed the Council’s US-China joint assessment of long-term global trends project and was co-author of the project’s 2012 report, China-US Cooperation: Key to Global Future.

    Garrett has written for more than twenty publications on a wide range of issues, including long-term global trends; technology and its implications for society; US-China relations and cooperation on climate change, energy, and other strategic issues; globalization and its strategic impact; US defense policy and Asian security; and arms control and nuclear strategy. Garrett has made sixty trips to China since 1981 for consultations with Chinese officials and analysts as well as numerous similar visits to Russia, Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea. He has also traveled with the NIC on more than a dozen trips to most of the G-20 countries for global trends consultations.

    Garrett received his BA in the History of Social Thought and Institutions from Stanford University and his PhD in Politics from Brandeis University.


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