• Ari Wallach

    Founder & CEO of Synthesis Corp.

    Ari Wallach is the founder and CEO of Synthesis Corp., a NYC based strategic consultancy that lives at the intersection of innovation, technology and purpose driven culture. Synthesis works with governments, NGOs, foundations, and corporations at the C-suite level to discover new ways to drive sustainable innovation, rethink business models and improve top-line metrics. Recent clients include: VW, CNN, Ford Foundation, UNHCR, US State Department, Tides Network, Sephora and NRDC. Ari is also the founder of Longpath, a project that aims to shift from our current short sited mentality to “longpath thinking.” He is also the co-founder of 2008’s The Great Schlep whose eponymous video had over 25 million web views, 350 global media impressions and started a national conversation about race, faith and democracy during the 2008 presidential campaign. Ari is also the founder of INFORUM – one of the nation’s largest non-partisan public affairs forums for young people. His work experience spans the gamut from the Democratic National Committee to the United States Institute of Peace and from Deepak Chopra to sustainability related projects for President Shimon Peres. Ari has a Bachelor of Arts from U.C. Berkeley in Peace and Conflict Studies and was a Coro Fellow in New York City.


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