• Anna Erickson

    Assistant Professor of Nuclear & Radiological Engineering at Georgia Tech

    Dr. Anna Erickson began at Georgia Tech in November 2012. Prior, she was a postdoctoral researcher at the Advanced Detectors Group at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. The research interests of Dr. Erickson focus on nuclear reactor design and national security, connected by the current need for proliferation-resistant nuclear power. She has been involved with fast reactor design including primary and secondary thermal hydraulic systems using RELAP5/ATHENA code, core design and optimization using REBUS-3 suite of codes, and accident analysis. Since one of the major obstacles to expanding the nuclear power today, especially fast breeder reactors, is considered to be the concern of proliferation, her research also involves design, development, and analysis of non-traditional nuclear security detectors. At LLNL, her focus was on sensitivity limits of antineutrino detection as applied to nuclear reactor monitoring. Often, detection and monitoring of special nuclear materials requires extensive knowledge of reactor design and principles of operation, as in case of using antineutrinos produced in a reactor to monitor its fuel cycle. In addition, reactor design could benefit from knowledge of potential proliferation risks.


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