• Alex Steffen

    Planetary Futurist & Writer

    Alex Steffen is one of the world’s leading voices on sustainability, social innovation and planetary futurism. He is an award-winning writer and planetary futurist, who speaks to audiences around the world. His latest project, Carbon Zero: Imagining cities that can save the planet, is an exploration of the kinds of design, technological and policy innovations that could transform our cities into low-carbon engines of prosperity. Earth Day founder Denis Hayes says of Carbon Zero that “Alex Steffen may be the world’s boldest, most innovative thinker about future cities.” Much of Alex’s current work focuses on planetary thinking: strategies for better understanding the large human and natural systems that increasingly impact every aspect of our lives, and using our new insight to focus on breakthrough efforts to increase the odds of humanity thriving over the long-term while we succeed now.

    Previously, Alex was Executive Editor of Worldchanging.com after he co-founded the organization in 2003 until it closed in 2010. In those seven years, Alex made Worldchanging one of the world’s leading sustainability-related publications, with an archive of almost 12,000 articles and a large global audience. Alex’s role as a leading voice in planetary futurism has inspired over 600 stories in the media, including a CNN documentary and a New York Times Magazine profile. Alex was named to the GOOD 100.


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