Participant Info

Roundtable Basics

Google-plus-hangouts-325x270We’re asking for only a few hours of your time. Here’s what’s involved:

  • Flexibility of location: On the day of the roundtable, you can join from wherever you are in the world, as long as you have decent bandwidth (more on that below).
  • Two hour commitment: The entire session lasts around two hours: 30 minutes preparing with your fellow participants, and 90 minutes of public conversation.
  • Very little prep: We’ll need to get your bio and a photo up on our website. We can usually find what we need on the web, or you can fill out a simple web form that we provide. We encourage you to read the beginning framework for the conversation on our website ahead of time.
  • Tech check and support: We’ll do one tech check prior to the roundtable with each participant to make sure you’re familiar with the video platform and have decent bandwidth.
  • Spreading the word: We hope you’ll help us find a larger audience for this important conversation by promoting the event on social media.

PRE-Roundtable PREP

You’ll need a webcam, a good broadband connection, and a Google+ account in order to use the group video platform.

  • Emailed link: At 10:30am Pacific time on the day of your roundtable, we’ll send you a link to the Hangout via email. Click on that link to be taken directly to the Hangout, and sign in to your G+ or Gmail account if prompted.
  • G+ notification: If you happen to be logged in to your G+ account at 10:30am Pacific time, you’ll see a red notification in the upper righthand corner of your screen with an invite to join the video Hangout. Accepting this invitation is another way to join the Hangout.
  • Joining early: We ask that you join the Hangout shortly after 10:30am Pacific time.
  • Webcam: Most laptops are already equipped with a webcam. However, you can choose to upgrade to enhance video quality (the Logitech line of webcams provide an HD-quality image).
  • Bandwidth: Although the bandwidth used by Hangouts is adaptive, ideal bandwidths are as follows:
    – Outbound from the participant in all situations: 2.6 mbps
    – Inbound to the participant with 5 participants: 3.2 mbps
    – Inbound to the participant with 10 participants: 4.0 mbps

If you would like to check to see if your bandwidth speeds meet the Hangout requirement, please visit this site. And here’s a complete list of Google Hangout system requirements.

reinvent-info-hangout-1Tips for Group Video

  • Lighting: It’s important that your face is well-lit. Something as simple as shining a desk lamp in your direction can drastically improve lighting. Avoid backlighting such as windows and other bright lights.
  • Camera: Look directly into the webcam when speaking. This can be counterintuitive since your natural inclination will be to look at the screen, which often leads to unflattering postures and lack of eye contact with the audience.
  • Background: The background you choose broadcasts information about you. Please makes sure it is neat and free of distractions (like pets) and trademarks (like a Coca-cola can).
  • Sound: We ask that you please mute yourself when you are not speaking. You can find the mute button by hovering your cursor over the top center of the Hangout screen. When you would like to speak, simply unmute yourself.
  • Earphones: Occasionally you may hear feedback or a slight echo during the discussion. This occurs when your microphone picks up your voice along with other voices coming through the speakers. It often be corrected if you wear headphones (even common iPhone headphones are sufficient). The microphone on your computer will then pick up only your voice.
  • Screen: Hangouts are designed to switch to the face of the speaker during a group discussion. You can override this by clicking on the image of yourself or another person in the lineup of faces at the bottom of the screen. Whoever is selected will then remain as the focus on your screen. If you would like to resume automatic viewing, unclick that image.
  • Presentations: When a participant shares slides or other images during the roundtable discussion using the Screenshare app, you can click on the image to move it into the large screen for better viewing.
  • Group Chat: The group chat environment to the right of the video screen allows participants in the Hangout to communicate with each other. This is not visible to the public. Feel free to share comments or relevant links. If you’d like, Reinvent can add these to the public roundtable page after the discussion concludes.
  • Disruptions: If for any reason you are kicked out of the Hangout because of an Internet disruption, glitch, etc., don’t worry. Click on the permanent link to the Hangout that Reinvent sent via email prior to the session to join back in.
  • Public: Remember, this conversation is streamed live and will be archived in its entirety. What you say is public and cannot be edited out later.

Joining GOOGLE+

  • Create a Gmail account: Anyone with a Gmail account is just a few clicks away from having a Google+ account. If you don’t have a Gmail account, they’re free and signup is simple.
  • Login to G+: Once you’ve created a Gmail account, follow this link to log in to G+.
    Create a profile (optional): We encourage you to create a profile and upload a picture; however, this is not required in order to use video Hangouts.
  • Follow us: Go to this link and click the red “Follow” button, then add us to one of your circles by checking the box you prefer. This will allow us to easily locate you in the G+ environment and invite you to the roundtable hangout.

We’ll answer any questions you might have in the tech check. Looking forward to having you join us!