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Humans Versus Machines: Placing Bets in the Nuclear Security Game

Can we use 21st century technology to keep nuclear weapons out of the hands of terrorists? And if so, how do we balance this rapidly evolving technology with the human capacity for empathy?

“No matter what technology we have in place, if we don’t have our best human decision-making at work, we’re going to fail,” said Brie Linkenhoker, the director of Worldview Stanford at Stanford University.

We have plenty to consider when it comes to rethinking nuclear policy, including the potential benefits and risk of increased transparency, and the difficult question of how best to distribute time and resources to meet this challenge.

“The most promising technology space, in my opinion, is really deeply understanding the interface between our humans and our tech,” said Paul Saffo, a technology forecaster and professor at Stanford University. “Our best chance for safety and security depends upon human decision-making performing at its highest and most advanced level, aided by data and tech developed through recent innovation.”