What's Now: San Francisco

A conversation among innovators at
The Applied Innovation Exchange

425 Brannan Street, San Francisco CA


The 1st Wave of Artificial Intelligence using Deep Learning has been around for 10 years and operated through Internet companies


The 2nd Wave of AI applied to businesses that have large amounts of data in archives - and a Chinese banking example of what's to come


The 3rd Wave of Perception AI uses sensors to cross into the physical world - with a Chinese example of cameras in a concert capturing 35 criminals


The 4th Wave of Autonomous AI that will move as robots in the physical world including the pervasive use of autonomous transport


A four quadrant matrix that shows the four main ways that humans and AI will co-exist - including the kind of work where humans will thrive


Kai-Fu Lee ends his formal presentation with reflections on how AI will fundamentally change the world for the better 50 years from now