Where the Long Symbiotic Relationship of Tech & Media Might End Up


Kara Swisher has watched the rise of tech and the fall of media since the beginning of the trouble with the arrival of the Internet in the mid-1990s. She knows better than almost anyone how entangled the two industries are from her long prominent perch as a well-known tech journalist. Tech companies on the Internet blasted away the information distribution monopolies of the old media and their advertising business models. But after a desperate couple decades floundering to transition to the online world, and groping for sustainable business models, the media industry arguably may be heading into a future where they could stabilize and even thrive. The crazy cacophony of social media and fake news is raising the value of good journalism and other media that you can trust. Subscription models for written journalism on the web and visual media that streams show promise and could scale to large global audiences.

Kara can lay out that story and make the definitive analysis of what’s going on today and potentially in the future like almost no other. Her storied career covering the tech business began with the Washington Post and Wall Street Journal. She regularly interviewed the top tech titans and media moguls at her “D: All Things Digital” conference that she co-founded with Walt Mossberg. She’s gone on to co-found Recode that was acquired by Vox. And she’s now got one of the rare slots as an opinion columnist for the New York Times.

Join us at the next What’s Now: New York as we talk about the whole story of the past, present and future of the symbiotic relationship of the media and tech businesses. Our host Peter Leyden was a classmate of Kara’s at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism a long time ago and they both have tracked the tech story from complementary angles and may have different thoughts about its future – as you may as well. Come early to Capgemini’s Applied Innovation Exchange to meet with your peers for drinks and food, and stay after to network. If you can’t make it, watch the livestream here too.

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