Getting to the Next Successful Media Models


June Cohen put TED Talks online and scaled their views to 100 million a year. Deron Triff then took TED Talks to 100 million views and listens a month—or 1 billion a year. The two of them are now co-founders of WaitWhat — the first-of-its-kind content incubator that develops and nurtures original media properties aimed at evoking positive emotions thought to be contagious. WaitWhat then turns its successes into diverse media experiences that reach an ever-expanding audience.

This month’s What’s Now: New York session at Capgemini’s Applied Innovation Exchange will focus on innovation in media, one of the region’s most influential industries, and one that once again is struggling through a transition to more successful, sustainable models. June is the perfect person to start the conversation with other media folks we expect in the room. She sees so many media outlets working inside broken models — replicating old formats, chasing eyeballs and amplifying bad news in a race to the bottom. Rather than targeting a single format, content genre or demographic, WaitWhat focuses on how they want their audience to feel, fostering the contagious emotions of curiosity, wonder, awe and mastery in everything they create. This kind of content not only plays to more positive, aspirational thinking, but naturally makes the audience want to share the experience.

June is optimistic about the great opportunities for media today, and thinks the next generation of media could be instrumental in tackling the greatest challenges of our day head-on. We’ll talk big picture, as well as explore how continuous innovation in media has broader implications for other fields. She’ll also share some of their projects, including the Masters of Scale podcast, hosted by iconic LinkedIn Co-founder Reid Hoffman — now morphing into different media forms; and several ambitious, not-yet-released initiatives, which respond more directly to the states of mind in the world today.

Gather at 5:30 pm for drinks and networking before the program starts at 6:30pm. If you can’t attend in person, the program will be streamed live on our website. This event is free but requires advance registration through an invite. If you are interested in attending, email

Scheduled January 30, 2018 5:30 PM EST