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Why human intelligence is much less of a "general purpose" intelligence than we think


Our job in the future will be creating jobs for robots


In some ways, AI is going to be held to higher ethical standards than humans are


The Internet is the world's largest copy machine, and may also be the world's largest tracking machine


On VR: We're moving from an Internet of knowledge to an Internet of experiences


Vanity trumps privacy: Why people choose to give up their data in exchange for maximum personalization

  • Ethics is not the same as sentiment analysis, which is mainly used to increase sales or to control a population, or deciding whether to kill a passenger or a pedestrian, which can so far only be trained through big data. So far the best ethics are cooperative game theory of economics, where some aggregate function of happiness is optimized by reinforcement learning. Any system of learning should be required by law to at least include such reinforcement learning based on cooperation rather than competition.