Stephen Kinzer on how the Iran Deal reorders the world


Joseph Cirincione: The Iran Deal negates the possibility of an arms race in the Middle East


Trita Parsi: "The cost of hegemony has gone up"


Suzanne DiMaggio on Trump's foreign policy approach and why candidates need to talk about power of engagement


Sara Haghdoosti: The Iraq War was my generation's Vietnam


Joseph Cirincione: Can a new president pull the plug on the Iran Deal?


Stephen Kinzer and Barbara Slavin address a question from the audience about Turkey


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  • Kathleen Toohill

    Add your questions here in advance and we’ll consider them for the roundtable!

  • Maurizio Geri

    Can the agreement bring also a rapprochement between Turkey and Iran, to recreate a Northern tier in order to block this time not the Communist expansion but the expansion of Jihadism and Wahabism? Turkey and Iran are the most powerful, stable and democratic (not the Ayatollah regime in Iran but its population) Muslim countries of the ME and they are not so different as we think (Shia are also in Turkey, the Kurdish is a common issue and the economic interrelation is evident).

    • Kathleen Toohill

      Thanks for your question! If you’re able to watch the roundtable live on the 28th, we’ll be discussing in real-time right here, as well as on Twitter.

    • Kathleen Toohill

      Hi Maurizio – if you haven’t watched the roundtable yet, your question was addressed at 1:22!

  • mediawiseguy

    Why is Iran in need of nuclear energy? They could develop it with non- weaponized Thorium in reactors. Why was this not part of the agreement?
    Why do you believe that Iran will change their historical place as the warlike , disrupter of the region. Go back to ancient Persia, only Cyrus , in their entire history , was a sage and open minded. So, why will they change their national character , now, with the Mullahs in charge.?

    • Kathleen Toohill

      Thanks for submitting your questions! We’ll be discussing the roundtable right here on the 28th while it’s live, as well as on Twitter. Feel free to tweet us any thoughts/additional questions you might have (@Reinventnet).

  • Prakash Tripathi

    If power shifts in Iran from Mullah to Iranian technocratic middle-class, Wests gamble ,that Iran nuclear agreement is, is likely to pay off. Integrate Iranian economy fast into global marketplace, investment and economic turn around will help that desired shift. At bottom rest assured that mullah are not mad like Saudi wahabis.

  • Kathleen Toohill

    We’re live! Post your questions here for consideration in the roundtable.

  • editorkhodnevis

    Mr. Kinzer,talking on Iran and calling it a chessboard, how do you see Iran’s approach in arresting Iranian-Americans? Does Iran see them as pawns of American policy?

    • Kathleen Toohill

      If you haven’t seen the full roundtable yet, Stephen addressed your question at 1:13!

  • disqus_8k3m4pqOvJ

    The connection stopped on my two computers at 11:40 am

    • Kathleen Toohill

      Unfortunately, it looks like YouTube is having difficulties at the moment. We’re working on it now. If your live stream doesn’t start up again, the entire roundtable will be available right here as soon as it concludes.

      • Kathleen Toohill

        Try refreshing now – it should be back up!

  • Maurizio Geri

    How do you listen?

    • Kathleen Toohill

      We’re streaming live now – try refreshing your browser if the image is frozen or if you can’t hear the audio.

      • Maurizio Geri

        On this page? When I click on the title it asks for a password…

        • Kathleen Toohill

          YouTube is having technical difficulties again and the stream may not be working, but it shouldn’t ask you for a password. Try opening this link in a new browser: http://reinvent.net/events/event/iran-nuclear-agreement-middle-east-peace/
          The whole roundtable will be available here around 12:30.

          • Maurizio Geri

            Done, it works, tx!

          • Maurizio Geri

            Actually just few seconds and then blocked…will watch later, tx!

          • Kathleen Toohill

            Sorry about that! If you return when it’s over, you should be able to watch without any problems.

  • Kathleen Toohill

    The full roundtable is now available for viewing!