About Reinvent

A new kind of media company

Reinvent gathers top innovators in deep conversations about how to fundamentally reinvent our world. We connect up a mix of smart, knowledgeable, innovative people from a wide range of fields to work on solving the big challenges of our time. We often use the medium of interactive group video to conduct one-on-one interviews or virtual roundtables of innovators. We also physically convene them in our studios in the Mission District of San Francisco or gather larger groups of up to 150 innovators at other locations too.

We open up these in-depth conversations over video to audiences who appreciate the complexity of the issues and the sophisticated discussion of possible solutions. We then take the best insights and ideas that emerge from the conversations and produce compelling short videos, powerful graphics and written posts that can reach broader audiences.

We believe that the world faces challenges that are formidable yet absolutely solvable. There are many remarkable people scattered throughout America and the world with big ideas about how to tackle complex problems. Our mission is to connect them up and catalyze the right conversations so they can come up with more new insights and breakthrough ideas.


Our website is designed to mirror the function of our company: producing stories featuring top innovators in videoed conversations from in-depth series.

Stories: The stories on our homepage are pulled from our Medium publications, geared towards a general audience and focus mainly on the future of work and the future of the sharing economy.

Innovators: We’ve amassed an extraordinary group of top-tier, high-caliber individuals to participate in our conversations. We consistently draw a diverse mix of entrepreneurs, technologists, scientists, professors, venture capitalists, authors, artists, filmmakers, political activists, government officials, and journalists who are at the forefront of their respective fields.

Conversations: These in-depth conversations often are virtual roundtables featuring up to a half dozen participants, and can be viewed in their entirety. We do one-on-one interviews that go deep on a big idea. We also video conversations in physical settings that engage groups of up to 150 people (tagged within Conversations as physical events). These conversations are designed for a sophisticated audience who want to follow the nuanced discussion of complex issues.

Series: Each series consists of multiple conversations centered around an overarching theme, and held over a period of months. Series are designed to explore many aspects of a challenge and keep working in detail on an area that’s ripe for reinvention. Series can collect a sizable body of written pieces too.


We work with like-minded organizations, companies, and individuals who want to take on a complex challenge or look hard at an area that needs to be reinvented and energized by new ideas. We’re interested in meeting potential partners who have an idea for a series and the resources to help underwrite an effort to connect up a network, catalyze conversations and create media.