About Reinvent

What is Reinvent?

Reinvent is a company that helps others understand what’s possible in the near future and how we can find better ways forward. We drive conversations about what’s coming in the next 10 years and how we we can more fundamentally reinvent new systems for the 21st century.

We create networks of world-class innovators from diverse fields who deeply understand new technologies and have big ideas about how to solve many of the challenges of our times. We gather them in physical and virtual events and capture these conversations through media, particularly long-form video that can be shared with sophisticated audiences.

We have done a range of future-oriented projects with leading companies like Airbnb and public event series like What’s Now: San Francisco since we launched as a startup in 2012. Our core team and network of innovators is based in the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley, ground zero for figuring out a new way forward for California, as well as for America and the world.


Our website is designed to mirror what our company primarily does: create stories featuring top innovators in videoed conversations from in-depth series.

Stories: Our stories are geared towards a more general audience interested in the near future and are one way to connect to our work. The stories section on this website showcases the latest stories from our our Reinvent publication in Medium. The stories themselves pick up on the best insights and ideas to emerge from our more in-depth conversations and often stick to themes from our current projects, or what we call series.

Innovators: We’ve amassed an extraordinary group of top-tier, high-caliber individuals to participate in our conversations since we launched as a startup in 2012. We consistently draw a diverse mix of entrepreneurs, technologists, scientists, professors, venture capitalists, authors, artists, filmmakers, political activists, government officials, and journalists who are at the forefront of their respective fields. Check out our featured innovators page or explore profiles of the more than 600 remarkable people who make up our network.

Conversations: These in-depth conversations take many forms, from physical events with up to 150 people, to virtual roundtables featuring up to a half dozen participants, to one-on-one interviews.  All of them can be viewed in their entirety as long-form videos, and some enjoyed as audio podcasts. These conversations are designed for a sophisticated audience who want to follow nuanced discussions of complex issues and more fully understand what’s coming next.

Series: Each series consists of multiple conversations organized around an overarching topic or key question. These projects catalyze a specialized network of innovators with complementary expertise who can explore many aspects of a challenge over time and work on finding better ways forward.